The bespoke aquarium website has been setup to provide marine hobbyists with useful information about keeping marine fish and how I personally built my bespoke marine aquarium.

If you read the website you will see what troubles I have faced and how I achieved the end goal which was to create for my family home an amazing looking marine life aquarium with the end goal to enjoy watching the fish rather spending hours carrying out maintenance and the aquarium taking up my life.

I am the director of successful IT company which means that I have limited free time and having kept fish all my life I understand what is right and wrong in the fish keeping world and how to achieve success the easy way.

This project in 2012 is 2 years and 6 months old and yesterday I did a 280 litres water change without lifting a bucket or sucking a pipe and zero stress. In fact this was completed whilst watching a film with my wife.

I am proud to say that I have 99% of the fish that I originally started with and some I have now taken care of for over 5 years.

The bespoke aquarium cabinets that I have seen over the years are all fantastic but in truth I have never seen one built like this making this truely unique.

Find out also how I have overcome the problems of living in the UK with temperatures dropping and the odd hot summers day and the removal of power cut stress following a 14 hour outage.