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  • RO Auto Shut Off Valve

    I have decided that I need an Auto Shut Off Valve to stop both the waste anf the product when the container is full.  I have shopped around and found:- Reverse Osmosis Float Valve Auto Shut Off Kit £18.95   This Items Price Includes Shipping to Most UK Mainland Addresses. Customers From The Scottish […]

  • Plastic Float Valve RO Unit 6mm

    I am designing the water change system and I require a Plastic Float Valve for use with RO unit. PVC Plastic Float Valve PVC plastic float valve ideal for low flow, automatic level control applications. Fixed arm is tank mountable with integral bulkhead fitting. 0.093″ orifice with free flow outlet. Estimated flow rate of […]

  • Large Aquarium Water Change Made Easy

    When carrying out water changes on my trigon 350 I generally spill water somewhere. I normally change around 70 litres at a time and I have in my garage an RO unit with booster pump and inline TDS meter. I then make up clean RO water into a 100 Litre Water Butt from B&Q with […]

  • Aquamedic Ocean Runner 3500

    I found a deal and brought the Aquamedic Ocean Runner 3500 from a Garden Centre. I used a hose tail convertor to connect into the 1inch pipework that I have used for the return from sump. The Ocean Runner 3500 needed the outlet to be glued in with resin. I then used flexible hose from […]

  • Aqua Medic Ocean Runner Pumps 3500 or 6500

    Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 3500 or 6500

  • Sump Pump – Eheim 1262 Universal Pump

    Eheim 1262 Universal Pump (3400 ltr/hr) Pump output: 3400 l/h Delivery head: 3,10 m/wat.col. 10 ft. 2 in./wat.col. Power consumption: 50 W Hose connection (suction side): Ø28mm (1″) Hose connection (pressure side): Ø18mm (3/4″) Dimensions: 218 x 116 x 161 8.6 x 4.6 x 6.4 in.

  • All pipework is now fitted and in place.

    All pipe work in now fitted and ready for testing but I still have to wait for 7 more days for the tank silicon to be dry. Althought the silicon is hard the outside will go off quick but it will take days for the complete silicon structure to cure. One thing you should consider […]

  • Aquaray Support Frame DIY

    I want to mount the Aquarays I have across the tank but want to be able to move them into position as required. I have designed a frame for them that fit on the straps of the aquarium and used 21.5mm Marley Tube and to construct it.

  • Aquarium Pipework

    I have finished cutting all the pipe work and used IPS Weld On Plastic Pipe Cement 725 Wet R Dry. This is very fast at curing and can be used wet or dry so I think it is handy to have.

  • Aquarium Weir Box & Straps / Bars Fitted

    Dave from Angel Aquatics came round today and fitted the weir boxes and tank support straps / bars. The tank is now being left to set. . . . Is it ready yet!  ;-)