AquaBeam 1000HD

I got my first look at the TMC AquaBeam 1000HD and I was impressed. 

Solid State Lighting with 10 x CREE XP-G R+ PowerLEDs driven at 700mA (upgradeable to 1000mA) using a Total Power Consumption of 23W. The Total Luminous Flux (lumens) 700mA-approx 1850 lm and 1000mA-approx 1970 lm with Wide angle lenses. The units are 198 x 198mm so cover a nice area of the aquarium. TMC recommend that the life of the unit is 50,000 hrs/10 yrs which is great.

AquaBeam 1000HD

Advtanges of using this AquaBeam 1000HD unit are the Cool running and low heat transfer to water helps you keep your temperature stable, the unit is Ultra safe and has a silent operation whilst being flexible.

The information from TMC:-

1. AS PRIMARY LIGHTING: Marine fish-only and soft coral aquaria.

2. AS SECONDARY LIGHTING: Marine full-reef aquaria (for best results, use in combination with AquaBeam 1000HD Marine White or Reef White).

Uses the latest and brightest generation of CREE® XP-G PowerLEDs available, specially selected for AquaRay products.

Wide angle beam maximises light spread.

Cool running with low heat transfer to aquarium water.

Low cost of ownership and environmentally friendly.

Very compact, measuring just 20 x 20cm, making it suitable for use in nano and other smaller tanks.

Offers a minimum of 50,000 hours lamp life – 6x standard fluorescent lighting.

Lowest running costs and highest useable output of light per unit of energy consumed, with all light output being visible and directed towards the aquarium.

Versatile mounting fixtures included, allowing a wide variety of replacement, retrofit and new install options on all sizes of aquaria.

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