Aquarium Cabinet Feet

When looking at having adjustable feet to make it possible to level the aquarium you need to consider the weight.

Aquarium Cabinet Feet are not going to be cheap.

I have 6 feet, 2 on each end and then 2 in the middle. This spreads the load of the feet and make the aquarium level and the feet can take 6 ton in total.

The water in the tank and glass will mean the weight is approx 1.3 Tons and then the weight of the frame added to this.

 I have used feet from RS.

  • RS Stock No. 223-4570
  • Manufacturer Nu-Tech Engineering
  • Manufacturers Part No. A070/005

Aquarium Cabinet Adjustable Levelling Feet


  Base Dia   55mm
  Foot Material   Electroless Nickel Plated Mild Steel
  Maximum Height   180mm
  Static Load   1000kg
  Thread   M12 x 150 mm
  Thread Length   150mm
  Tilt Angle   20°

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