Aquawave® Brilliance / Brilliance K2 – Marine White

High Power Led Lighting Tubes

Had a wonderful conversation with someone from with reference to their LED lighting units. 

Having used the TMC Aquaray LED units since they came out it will be interesting to give these new LED lights a testing. These units can get wet, infact they can even go into the water due to the IP rating. This is something that makes me think the life of the unit will be improved.

The video below shows a lighting storm which “I love” and being a bloke “I need”.


 The information that is published on these LED light units are as follows:-  

Marine White: Max 10000k
Cool and intense: a piercing white that will cut through the water to give life and light to your corals. The Marine is ideal for your nano and marine aquariums. It has a Kelvin rating of 10000 and an nm of 450 – 460 peaking sharply to create the perfect brilliant cool white that is so important to reef aquariums. 

To increase the kelvin rating of the light introduce Actinic blue by adding an Ocean tube or a Brilliance Blue. Please note the lumen output of blue is much less than white so ensure the white lighting is correct for viewing purposes.

Aquawave® Brilliance / Brilliance K2 - High Power Led Lighting Tubes

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