Bespoke Aquarium Cabinet Finished

I am so chuffed with the work that Alan has done. The cabinet he has made for the aquarium is exactly how I wanted and has brought the tank come to life.

The project took a lot of planning and when you take on a bespoke aquarium projectyou need to be able to visualise the final goal. If you actually achieve hat you set out to achieve without any problems then this give you such a feeling of achievement.

In my view it looks amazing and the attention to detail that Alan work to is impeccable.

Bespoke Aquarium Cabinet

Bespoke Aquarium Cabinet Doors

Bespoke Aquarium Cabinet Corners

Bespoke Aquarium Cabinet Top

Bespoke Aquarium Cabinet Doors Open

Apologies about the dodgy pics, they were taken on the iPhone. I will be taking some better photographs soon.

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