Best Floating Magnetic Glass Cleaner

I have brought now every type of glass cleaner. From the strongest in the world 😉 so the box states that don’t work on glass over 12mm even thou they recon they can and they don’t float so end up annoying the hell out of you to floating glass cleaners that simply come off all the time as they are not up for the job.

Well I have some great news. I brought as a last and final test a FISH R FUN Floating Magnetic Algae Cleaner for Glass Aquariums made by MAG FLOAT.

Cheap when compared to the Tunze glass cleaners but will this be better than my Tunze cleaner?

First impression is that instead of being long and thin it is square, not too heavy so I was not expecting much power from the magent on my thick glass.

It was sold to me as being for 16mm thick glass in the instruction is does state 15mm glass being the maximum.

So I seperated the 2 magents…..I tried to I should add….they were very strong and I then dropped the wet side into the tank and the dry side pulled it to the glass and a very firm connection was made. I was very impressed at this point.

I then cleaned a hard bit of green algae I could not shift in the corner and to my shock it worked. I cleaned the complete tank and after my arms hurt from the power required to move this glass cleaning magnet. The power is amazing, so its a big thumbs up from me.


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