Eyestripe Surgeonfish Acanthurus Dussumieri For Sale

After 8 years of enjoying watching and hand feeding this beautiful Eyestripe Surgeonfish known as the Acanthurus Dussumieri it has come a time to find it a larger home. Difficult to measure for obvious reasons, I placed a tape measure along the aquarium and tried to photograph as the fish swam past. You can see […]

White Spot in the Marine Aquarium

If you are reading this the changes are you have white spot and have come to Google for answers. Our aquarium was made live in 2009 and all fish purchased were from a variety of local fish shops such as MG Marines in Dudley, Angel Aquatics in Selly Oak, A&D Aquatic in Oldbury and TMC […]

Out of the Blue Aquaculture Corals

I contacted and purchased some amazing corals from Out of the Blue Aquaculture and when they came all I can say is WOW. The website is:- http://www.outoftheblueaquaculture.co.uk Anthony the guy who runs the show seems such as nice guy. I ordered a large value amount and as a thank you he even gave me some […]

Best Floating Magnetic Glass Cleaner

I have brought now every type of glass cleaner. From the strongest in the world 😉 so the box states that don’t work on glass over 12mm even thou they recon they can and they don’t float so end up annoying the hell out of you to floating glass cleaners that simply come off all […]

Aquarium Glass Cleaner

The bespoke marine aquarium has now matured and I have red coraline algae on the glass that is hard to shift. What is the best Aquarium Glass Cleaner I have purchased many different brands of magentic types of Aquarium Glass Cleaner and I have to be honest and say that they have all let me […]

Little Shark Bite

Ever wondered when you see a small cute shark what a bite might be like? Little Shark Bite

Deltec Salt – H2Ocean Pro

 H2Ocean Natural Reef Salt I have been using Deltec salt for years now and love it. But it also seems I am not the only one: Number 1 UK Salt H2Ocean Pro+ is a new pro formula aquarium salt – produced by a solar evaporative process which produces a totally natural base salt where all […]

TMC AquaRed Flexi-Led

TMC Launches the new  AquaRed Flexi-Led. I purchased the AquaRay AquaRed Flexi-LED which is a flexible, self-adhesive lighting strip. I have added this with my current lighting for the night viewing and this offers a totally different viewing aspect to a night light. The LED unit can be fitted into an AquaRay MMS rail or fixed to almost any […]

Marine Aquarium Testing | Zero Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia and Phosphate

Marine Aquarium Testing, my marine aquarium is not tested weekly or even monthly.  The aquarium us so stable that I have stopped testing. However I have had a leather coral suddenly not look healthy and I was concerned so I did a test. The results give me faith that my Vodka dosing is doing the aquarium […]

Garra Rufa Care Sheet

Garra Rufa fish are an exotic freshwater tropical fish found in naturally in warm springs and river basins in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and the surrounding areas where they have been used to cleanse, soften and help to heal the skin for many centuries. The fish are very effective at helping to improve the skin. […]