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  • Bespoke Aquarium Cabinet Finished

    I am so chuffed with the work that Alan has done. The cabinet he has made for the aquarium is exactly how I wanted and has brought the tank come to life. The project took a lot of planning and when you take on a bespoke aquarium projectyou need to be able to visualise the […]

  • Bespoke Aquarium Cabinet coming together

    The weekend Alan the bespoke cabinet maker came round to test the build of the bespoke aquarium cabinet and this was the first time I got to see the finised colour and build. The first thing I noticed was the attention to detail and how strong the constuction was. The colour is also perfect as […]

  • Bespoke Aquarium Cabinet

    I looked and looked and looked some more to find a bespoke cabinet maker and found a guy called Alan Wakefield. He had many beautiful constructed cabinets on the website and when I rang him he lived local which was a big help. I decided I wanted my cabinet to be piano white and in […]