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  • AquaBeam 1000HD

    I got my first look at the TMC AquaBeam 1000HD and I was impressed.  Solid State Lighting with 10 x CREE XP-G R+ PowerLEDs driven at 700mA (upgradeable to 1000mA) using a Total Power Consumption of 23W. The Total Luminous Flux (lumens) 700mA-approx 1850 lm and 1000mA-approx 1970 lm with Wide angle lenses. The units […]

  • T5 Aquablue Plus Powerchrome

    Deltec have again been so clever with their T5 Aquablue Plus Powerchrome bulbs. The D-D Aquablue Plus is specifically designed for reef aquariums mimicking sea water to a depth of one to twenty meters. It can be used for growing SPS corals up to 80cm in the aquarium. D-D were the first on the market in […]

  • LED Lighting For Aquarium

    Aquarium Lighting is an essential part for the marine aquarium. The marine aquarium lighting is to provide that same day time lighting as close to the natural light produced by the sun for coral to grow. The correct level of lighting is also important for providing coral with a specific amount of light to help the coral […]

  • Using Aquaray lighting in your sump.

    I have some great news for reef keepers. I used to have a t5 light unit above my sump and it worked. I have recently placed a Day Light Aquaray unit above my sump and the growth is unreal. The difference from the new wide angle lens must be helping also, but the Cheato and […]

  • Aquawave® Brilliance / Brilliance K2 – Marine White

    High Power Led Lighting Tubes Had a wonderful conversation with someone from with reference to their LED lighting units.  Having used the TMC Aquaray LED units since they came out it will be interesting to give these new LED lights a testing. These units can get wet, infact they can even go into the water […]

  • TMC Aquaray Controller for 8 light units

    How exciting, for everyone who has many Aquaray light units, TMC are bringing out an 8 unit light controller. This will be able to not only control all 8 lights but also will be able to be reduce plug sockets used as this will control the lot, or so I am to believe. I want […]

  • Aquaray Support Frame DIY

    I want to mount the Aquarays I have across the tank but want to be able to move them into position as required. I have designed a frame for them that fit on the straps of the aquarium and used 21.5mm Marley Tube and to construct it.

  • Bespoke Marine Aquarium Lighting

    The lighting for this tank I decided to go with the TMC Aquaray units. I purchased 15 units mixed from Marine White to Marine Blue and Reef White. I designed a bespoke light holding system constructed from Marley Tube allowing the Aquaray light units to be moved along the bars.