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  • Using Aquaray lighting in your sump.

    I have some great news for reef keepers. I used to have a t5 light unit above my sump and it worked. I have recently placed a Day Light Aquaray unit above my sump and the growth is unreal. The difference from the new wide angle lens must be helping also, but the Cheato and […]

  • Miracle Mud System

    Miracle Mud System I have always been a fan of the Miracle Mud Product, below is information I can find related to it:- Pour water into the filter and let Miracle Mud settle to the bottom. (Approximately 2-3 hours). After Miracle Mud has settled, remove any floating particles. Turn on pump at a recommended flow […]

  • Aquamedic Ocean Runner 3500

    I found a deal and brought the Aquamedic Ocean Runner 3500 from a Garden Centre. I used a hose tail convertor to connect into the 1inch pipework that I have used for the return from sump. The Ocean Runner 3500 needed the outlet to be glued in with resin. I then used flexible hose from […]

  • Aqua Medic Ocean Runner Pumps 3500 or 6500

    Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 3500 or 6500

  • Sump Pump – Eheim 1262 Universal Pump

    Eheim 1262 Universal Pump (3400 ltr/hr) Pump output: 3400 l/h Delivery head: 3,10 m/wat.col. 10 ft. 2 in./wat.col. Power consumption: 50 W Hose connection (suction side): Ø28mm (1″) Hose connection (pressure side): Ø18mm (3/4″) Dimensions: 218 x 116 x 161 8.6 x 4.6 x 6.4 in.

  • Sump In Place

    I have picked up the sump today and it fits