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  • Yellow Surgeonfish, Yellow Hawaiian Tang

    Yellow Surgeonfish | Yellow Hawaiian Tang Scientific Name: Zebrasoma flavescens (Bennett, 1828).  Other Common Names: Yellow Surgeonfish, Yellow Hawaiian Tang.  Distribution:  A species considered endemic to Hawaiian waters, its distribution extends from the Hawaiian area westward through the northern Marshall Islands to Wake, Marcus, Guam, and other Marianas Islands.  Identification: Yellow oval shaped body with a nocturnal […]

  • Powder Blue Tang – Acanthurus leucosternon

    Powder Blue Tang – Acanthurus leucosternon The Powder Blue Tang sometimes called the Powder Blue Surgeonfish is a beautiful fish that often hobbyists stay away from due to white spot. The Powder blue tang is mainly found in the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific Ocean. They can be found from eastern Africa to the Andaman […]

  • Purple Tang – Zebrasoma xanthurum

    Purple Tang – Zebrasoma xanthurum A large purple tang sometimes called yellow tail tang. Its latin name is Zebrasoma xanthurum. The purple tang was name by Blyth back in 1852. They live in the Red Sea and the Arabian Peninsula of the Persian Gulf. The live at depths of 7 to 65 feet often in pairs or as […]