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  • Out of the Blue Aquaculture Corals

    I contacted and purchased some amazing corals from Out of the Blue Aquaculture and when they came all I can say is WOW. The website is:- Anthony the guy who runs the show seems such as nice guy. I ordered a large value amount and as a thank you he even gave me some […]

  • Aquarium Glass Cleaner

    The bespoke marine aquarium has now matured and I have red coraline algae on the glass that is hard to shift. What is the best Aquarium Glass Cleaner I have purchased many different brands of magentic types of Aquarium Glass Cleaner and I have to be honest and say that they have all let me […]

  • Little Shark Bite

    Ever wondered when you see a small cute shark what a bite might be like? Little Shark Bite

  • Deltec Salt – H2Ocean Pro

     H2Ocean Natural Reef Salt I have been using Deltec salt for years now and love it. But it also seems I am not the only one: Number 1 UK Salt H2Ocean Pro+ is a new pro formula aquarium salt – produced by a solar evaporative process which produces a totally natural base salt where all […]

  • Marine Aquarium Testing | Zero Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia and Phosphate

    Marine Aquarium Testing, my marine aquarium is not tested weekly or even monthly.  The aquarium us so stable that I have stopped testing. However I have had a leather coral suddenly not look healthy and I was concerned so I did a test. The results give me faith that my Vodka dosing is doing the aquarium […]

  • ICCAT Actions – Conserve Sharks

    Paris 19.11.10: Leading shark conservation unions the Shark Alliance and the European Elasmobranch Association (EEA) are calling for concrete measures to curb over-fishing of vulnerable Atlantic sharks at this week’s meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in Paris. More than a dozen species of sharks are commonly targeted or […]

  • Hole In The Wall Aquarium

    A wonderful idea would be to build an extension on the side of your house and put your marine aquarium in there with a hole in the wall showing the marine aquarium like a picture on a wall. Wonderful idea and Mr Boffeys dreams of this are coming true. I will get some of the […]

  • AquaBeam 1000HD

    I got my first look at the TMC AquaBeam 1000HD and I was impressed.  Solid State Lighting with 10 x CREE XP-G R+ PowerLEDs driven at 700mA (upgradeable to 1000mA) using a Total Power Consumption of 23W. The Total Luminous Flux (lumens) 700mA-approx 1850 lm and 1000mA-approx 1970 lm with Wide angle lenses. The units […]

  • A Quarter Of

    Strange topic you may think but somethings need to be shared. Do you rememeber when it used to be A Quarter Of your favourite old penny sweets. Well now in 2010 you can buy from the UK’s biggest online sweetshop and get A Quarter Of your favourite retro sweets.

  • Salt Water Refractometer

    Having a Refractometer is in my view one of the most important pieces of equipment. This means that you can accurately measure the salinity of the water. I recommend using a Deltec Refractometer.    INSTRUCTIONS FOR ATC NATURAL SEA WATER REFRACTOMETER Hand held instrument for the measurement of Salinity and Specific Gravity (S.G.) by refractive […]