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  • What is a Protein Skimmer?

    the most simplest way of describing what a Protein Skimmer is by starting off by answering the question… Why do I need one? The sea is vast in size bad our wonderful marine fish love nice clean water. The small volume of water in our marine aquariums compared to the sea means that the levels of protein build […]

  • Deltec AP851 Skimmer

      The AP851 Protein Skimmer is a well established favourite for aquariums up to 1500lts, (333 UK gallons) It incorporates the patented “Neuhaus” Pinwheel system in a modified Eheim 1260 pump, resulting in unsurpassed skimming performance. The AP851 produces a maximum level of air of 600 lts per hour.    Air is drawn in automatically […]