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  • RO float valve

    Fitted my RO float valve and it works a treat.

  • Reverse Osmosis System

    I brought an RO MAN 100 GPD REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMwater filter system. The website: I have then modified mine to have digital TDS monitoring and a booster pump with a resin unit. I have plumbed this into my loft.

  • Food Grade Plastic

    I have researched into plastics on the internet and found some useful information from:- What Is Plastic? Plastic is made from hydrocarbons derived from petroleum or natural gas. The hydrocarbons are formed into chains called polymers, or plastic resins. By combining hydrocarbon molecules in different ways, different types of plastic can be created. What […]

  • RO Auto Shut Off Valve

    I have decided that I need an Auto Shut Off Valve to stop both the waste anf the product when the container is full.  I have shopped around and found:- Reverse Osmosis Float Valve Auto Shut Off Kit £18.95   This Items Price Includes Shipping to Most UK Mainland Addresses. Customers From The Scottish […]