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  • Hofer Gurgle Buster Construction and Setup

    Above are the approximately $3 worth of PVC Parts Required (air tubing not shown)  Notes: The coupler is 1.5″ (female slip) x 1.5″ (female slip), and the bushing is 1″ (female slip) x 1.5″ (male slip).  Also, some overflows may require  another 1″ x 1″ coupler to attach to the overflow’s standing pipe.   STEP […]

  • Durso Standpipe | Stockman Aqua Silencer | Hofer Gurgle Buster

    I have been hunting for information relating to the Durso Standpipe, Stockman Aqua Silencer and Hofer Gurgle Buster. To make life easy for you here are the links:-