Deltec AP851 Skimmer

 Deltec AP851 Protein Skimmer

The AP851 Protein Skimmer is a well established favourite for aquariums up to 1500lts, (333 UK gallons)

It incorporates the patented “Neuhaus” Pinwheel system in a modified Eheim 1260 pump, resulting in unsurpassed skimming performance.

The AP851 produces a maximum level of air of 600 lts per hour.


Air is drawn in automatically through an air intake adaptor. The rotation of the water/air mixture provides a long contact time with the pollutants resulting in a highly efficient performance. The extremely fine water/air mixture is pumped into the contact tube, where it rises and is collected in a removable cup at the top of the skimmer.

Technical Data

For US 110V specifications please visit our D-D USA section of the web site
  • AP851 Skimmer : Article No. 88010 
  • Can be stood either in or beside a sump or beside the aquarium.
  • Can be gravity or pump fed (supply pump not supplied).
  • Water throughput – 1000 lts/hr, (222 UK gallons/hr).
  • Installation kit – item 88052.
  • 600 litres of air/hr are produced at the venturi.


  • L 390mm W 310mm H 800mm (allowing for removal of the cup).
  • Hard pipe connections – Supply – 32mm Return – 50mm
  • Skimmer body – 200mm diameter
  • Riser tube – 90mm diameter


  • Normal Stocking 1500 lts (333 UK gallons)
  • Heavy Stocking 1000 lts (222 UK gallons)

Downloadable Files

Instructions AP Skimmers.pdf
AP701-851 Spare Parts List.pdf
Deltec Skimmer Dimensions.pdf

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