Durso Standpipe Valve Setup with 2 Weirs

I have spent hours setting my durso standpipe valves.

My setup consists of a 1.5″ tee then a 1.5″ 90 degree bend and then on the top a closed top. I drilled a 3.5mm hole and fitted a small air valve adjuster into it to allow for alterations of the air intake rather than drilled holes.

My problem was that one sump return worked in minutes and this is the return directly above the sump, so this has a straight pipe down to the sump.

The 2nd weir return runs from side of the tank to the other and this must have a lot of air in the pipe work due to the length and there is a back pressure problem as it flushs like a toilet about very 2 minutes.

I drilled a hole in the side wall that was 6mm and then I can add more air as required by turning the pipe cap to align up with the hole in the pipe.

I got this running lovely for 5 minutes and the a flush.

I worked out that the return pipes were too low below the water level of the sump so I shortened them.

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