Blue Throat Triggerfish (Xanthichthys auromarginatus)

The Blue Throat Trigger Fish or sometimes known as Blue Jaw Trigger Fish or Gilded Trigger Fish is a beautiful trigger fish with the male having a vivid Blue Chin and there are bright metallic blue rings around the eyes. Also the male can be differentiated by the yellow outline on the fins and tail.

Male Blue Throat Trigger

Male Blue Throat Trigger

I looked at all the different triggers carefully before choosing this particular type. The male blue throat trigger is amazing in colouration and has a wonderful personality.

The female who is much less colourful, still a beautiful looking fish is much more aggressive and a little bit of a handful at times when carrying out any aquarium maintenance.

My pair of blue throat triggers are lovely to watch as they seem to dance in some matting show. The male during this show looks amazing and his full colours are best seen at this time.

I have these kept since young around 2″ long and they are now 5″ long and very fat. These are kept with cleaner shrimps and I have not had any problems with them at all.

They both eat an array of frozen food such as marine mix, mysis, krill, mussell, flake, pellets, frozen meaty foods and herbivorous foods, infact any food I place in the aquarium.

The male tends to be more nervous and loves to dart into the rocks so if you are thinking of keeping a blue throat trigger ensure you have some rocks that they can use as a den.

The only things the triggers have been seen doing that is a little naughty is picking up hermit crabs in thier mouths and then dropping them on their backs and then looking waiting for the legs to pop out. I have not lost many crabs thou I must add but they do tend to do this every now and again.

One wonderful thing to witness is the triggers holding the dorsal spines erect, they look amazing when they do this. They erect the dorsal spines to lock themselves into the rockwork making it virtually impossible to remove them and they usually sleep locked into the rock in a favorite hiding place.

The other odd things about these triggers is the noise they generate. It is like a grunting or popping sound that can be clearly heard outside of the aquarium.

I have read that they are jumpers but I have only ever seen one jump once when it was scared as I was trying to catch an blue face angel fish that was eating coral to remove him from the tank.

Minimum Tank Size: 125 gallons
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Semi-aggressive (female mostly)
Reef Compatible: I have had no issues.
Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025
Max. Size: 10.9 inches
Color Form: Grey, Blue, Yellow
Diet: Carnivore
Family: Balistidae

Note: All of the above information is my own finding and other information compiled from various sources and should be used as a guideline only.
Use caution when selecting fish for your own aquarium and do as much research as you can before purchasing anything.