Food grade water butts for mixing salt.

I have found a floor in my plan.

The water butt that purchased for the water changes is a rain water collecting butt. This is made from 75% recyled materials and this could potentially have toxins that might cause me problems.

I have found that these are fine for RO water storage but when you add salt the salt will pull out the chemicals that may be in the plastic.

I have searched on the forums for information and the information I have found seems to be 50 – 50 split between people using these type of water butts with no problems and then some people saying you should not use them.

I have however not found any evidence that someone has used one and this has caused a problem.

But I would rather be safer than sorry so I will buy a food grade water butt.

These can be obtained from Brewers shops. I have seen in the past an advert on Ebay for containers that were used to transport olives.

The water butts are food grade and salt water can mixed with no problems.

If only life was simple 🙂

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