Garra Rufa Care Sheet

Garra Rufa fish are an exotic freshwater tropical fish found in naturally in warm springs and river basins in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and the surrounding areas where they have been used to cleanse, soften and help to heal the skin for many centuries.Garra Rufa Fish
The fish are very effective at helping to improve the skin. While removing the dead skin from you hands, feet or body the fish secrete Diathanol which is an enzyme well known to improve the regeneration of skin cells. They gently remove the dead skin cells by nibbling with their mouths (they have no teeth!) while causing no damage to healthy skin cells and
allowing new skin cells to develop and existing skin to heal quicker.

They have been scientifically proven to be of a great benefit to people with skin disorders and Psoriasis. fish can live up to 6 years and the young smaller fish are just as effective as the larger more mature fish. The fish are also very therapeutic gently gliding over your skin. People find the fish produce a pleasurable soothing massage sensation.
All our fish are sourced from reputable suppliers from our long term contacts with foreign fish farms.We have been established since 1997 and so are one of the oldest true aquatic wholesalers.We have supplied many thousands of fish to Aquatic Stores, Garden Centres, Health Spa’s etc around the UK.

Introducing your Garra Rufa

Upon arrival gently open the packaging boxes and float the unopened bags in your spa systems for 15 minutes. This will allow the water in the bags to reach the same temperature as your systems (which should always be between 24C and 28C). While waiting the 15 minutes test your water quality and ensure Ammonia is 0, Nitrite is 0 and your pH is between 6.5 and 7.5. After 15 minutes open the bags carefully and roll down the sides so the bag floats in the water. Add about the same amount of water from your spa as is already in the bag and wait another 5 minutes, this will allow the fish to adapt to any different water conditions. Ensure there is adequate oxygen for the fish while the bags are open (they can suffocate quickly). Finally net the fish out, do not add the water from the bags as the fish may have been travelling in this for some time. Garra Rufa require highly oxygenated water, also ensure the fish are covered for the first 24 hours as they can be very lively and always cover the fish securely at night time but allowing space for oxygen.

Feeding your Garra Rufa

It is not recommended to feed your fish for the first 12 hours after introduction to allow the fish to settle into their new environment. They will then require feeding 2-3
times per day as much as the fish will consume within a few minutes. The more the fish are fed the less active they will be and the more waste they will produce but it is
important they receive enough food. A flake or sinking aquarium tropical fish food is suitable.

Maintaining your Garra Rufa water quality

A daily water change of 10-20% is recommended. You must not add tap water straight to the spa systems. The water must have either stood for 24 hours to allow the Chlorine to evaporate or a suitable dechlorinator added. The water must also be warmed to the same temperature as the fish are held at and circulated to add oxygen.
It is important to test the water quality and ensure the pH remains stable and within the range of 6.5-7.5. You must also test the water daily for Ammonia and Nitrite, these must remain at 0 at all times and will require more regular water changes if they begin to rise, fish will not tolerate any levels of Ammonia or Nitrite for any length of time. Nitrate levels are less important but the lower the better. Newer systems will require more water changes than established filter systems. It is recommended to clean the filter once per week by washing all of the media in water taken from the spa (never use tap water or allow the media to dry out as this will kill the bacteria on your filter media).

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