Green Star Polyps – Pachyclavularia Coral

Common species: P. purpurea, P. violacea and others
Common Names: Green Star Polyps, GSP, star polyps, dasy polyps
Lighting: Tolerant of both intense and low light level.
Aggressiveness: Can overgrow other corals around it.
Current: Moderate to High
Hardiness: Very hardy, excellent for beginners
Color: purple to reddish-violet mats are a hallmark of the genus. Polyps are normally brown or bright green (P. violacea) but other variation may occur. White, yellow or green polyps center may contrast with the polyp tentacle.
Feeding: Green Star polyps are photosynthetic and require no feeding
Water parameters: No special requirement are noted
Origin: Indonesia
Propagation: By Cutting (easy!)