mushroom corals – Actinodiscus | Discosoma

Common species: Unknown number of true species.
Common Names: Mushrooms, mushroom corals, mushroom anemones, disc anemones.
Lighting: medium to strong light. Medium would be best. Will bleach under direct strong light.
Aggressiveness: Semi-aggressive
Current: Moderate to high. Not directed at the Mushrooms.
Hardiness: They are probably one of the easiest soft corals.
Color: Purple and reddish ones are widely available. Can also be Brown, Tan, Green, Blue, etc.
The corals can be mono colored or multicolored, can be smooth or rough, with knobs or stripes running across the cap from the inside towards the exterior.
Feeding: Light and nutrients. Using a truly complete additive becomes a necessity if you wish to maximize the feeding of Mushrooms in your tank. It is not sufficient to use just any additive. Use one that contains a great number of elements.
Water parameters: pH: 8.2 to 8.4, s.g.: 1.023 to 1.025, Temp.: 77 to 79 degrees F.
Origin: Indo-Pacific, South Pacific
Propagation: No Information