Ricordea Coral

Common species: R. Florida, R. Yuma
Common Names: None
Lighting: Requires at least moderate light levels. Very high intensity lighting may cause the colors to fade somewhat. R. Yuma will require dim light.
Aggressiveness: Moderate. Growth pattern can lead to encroachment on its neighbors. Ricordea appears to be able to effectively kill other corals that it comes into contact with.
Current: Prefers low water current
Hardiness: Ricordea seems to be a little more delicate than the typical mushroom coral and success is not automatically guaranteed.
Color: They come in a multitude of colors and color combinations.
Feeding: Ricordea are photosynthetic and survive fine with no feeding. They will take small meaty foods like brine shrimp if offered.
Water parameters: Coming soon
Origin: R. yuma is from the Indo-Pacific region and R. florida is from the Caribbean
Natural Propagation: R. florida propagate by fission and R. yuma propagate by pedal laceration.
Imposed propagation: Radial cuts from the mouth outward toward the edge of the disc with a scapel will force division and a second fully formed polyp will develop over a period of several weeks. Occasionally the incision will heal with no division occuring.