Scarlet Hermit Crab – Paguristes cadenati

Species name: Paguristes cadenati
Common names: Scarlet Hermit Crab, Red-leg Hermit Crab, red reef hermit crab
Family: Diogenidae (left-handed hermit crabs)
Order: Decapoda (lobster, shrimp and crabs)
Class: Malacostraca
Maximum length: 1 1/2 in.
Minimum tank size: 5 gallons (or even smaller)
Hardiness: Easy
Aggressiveness: Semi-aggressive
Reef Compatibility: Medium. Will attack and kill snails to wear their shells. May negatively impact many other animals found in the tank.
Distribution: Western Atlantic Ocean
Diet: They prefer meaty food but will scavenge most aquarium foods. They prey on many smaller animals, eat small snails, small polyps, or other minute animals. They will also eat all kinds of nuisance algae including red, green, and brown slim as well as green hair algae. They find there own food and don’t need to be feed.