Xenia Coral – Pulse Waving Hands

Common species: X. elongata, X. macrospiculata, X. mucosa, X. multipinnata, X. stellifera, X. umbellata and over 60 others.
Common Names: Pom Pom Xenia, Xenia, Waving Hand Coral, Glove Coral, pulse coral
Lighting: High
Aggressiveness: Low. Become invasive.
Current: Moderate to high
Hardiness: Easy. Good for beginners!
Color: See pictures
Feeding: Xenia is photosynthetic and does not accept any known foods
Water parameters: 75¼ to 83¼ F (appears to be more stable at lower temperatures of 76¼ – 78¼). The supplement normally associated with successfully keeping Xenia is Iodine. Alkalinity levels should be monitored and kept above a minimum of 2.5meq/l.
Origin: South Pacific