Large Aquarium Water Change Made Easy

When carrying out water changes on my trigon 350 I generally spill water somewhere.

I normally change around 70 litres at a time and I have in my garage an RO unit with booster pump and inline TDS meter.

I then make up clean RO water into a 100 Litre Water Butt from B&Q with a small eheim pump in it running all the time and then take out water from it for topping the trigon 350 due to condensation.

I then have a 75 litre container from Dunelm and this i mix salt in with RO. This has a heater and pump in.

I drain water from the tirgon 350 into 2 plastic bins which hold 40 litres each and then I know I have taken out 70 litres approx. I then pure the ready salt mixed water back into the tank.

I then pour the dirty water from the tank down the toilet.

Whilst doing this process I generally spill water at all stages and the wife could kill me 😉

With the new aquarium I will be doing much larger water changes so need to improve the process.

I have fitted a tee piece and shut off valve from the water flow from one of the weirs which is carrying water to the spray bar pump setup.

This I have pipe directly into the drain. So now when I need to do a water change I open the valve and drain water out with out any bins or water spillage. This will keep the wife much happier.

But I have the issue for getting water back into the tank.

  • Water containter in the loft where I will mix the salt water and gravity to feed to the tank with a shut off valve at the tank.
  • Water butt outside with a pump to pump the water into the tank with the plug inside the house for controlling it at the tank.

I am undecided what to do but will be looking at the water ever is easiest.

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