Marine Aquarium Temperature

My tank has been stable at 25 degrees from day one.  Now that the bespoke cabinet has been fitted the air flow is less and with the heat generated from the lights and so on the aquarium temperature has risen to 27 degrees.

I am now planning on a bespoke cooling system. I was looking in the past at buying a chiller but my research led me to think that the chiller will generate heat in the ambient area and also cool the water. So you end up with a warmer room to cool down which I think defeats the object. The chiller could be fitted outside and then you get no problems.

My plan is to integrate a fan setup in the hood and into the cabinet keeping the air flow at a maximum.

  • Fans running on a timer along with the lighting.
  • Fans regulated by temperature controller to only come on as heat removal is required.
  • Thermoelectric chillers
  • Refrigerant based chillers

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