No mess water changes for your fish tank.

Doing water changes can be a pain, so I have been thinking of ways to improve the process and come up with this:-

I have brought from B&Q loft boards and placed beams accross the existing beams in my loft and placed the loft boards onto this.

I have then brought from B&Q a 210 litre water butt and this just fitted into my loft hatch.

I have then mounted frame onto the roof beams and mounted my RO unit on the frame.

Ihave broken into the central heating cold water feed with a tee piece and a stop valve and then plumbed my RO unit this feed.

I have purchased float valves that will control the product and waste from the RO unit. The waist will come out of the loft and go straight into the drain pipe from the guttering.

The fun bit now…..I have purchased 21.5mm overflow pipe and fed this all the way from the loft inside the box section that toilet soil pipe runs in. This has a tap in the loft to isolate the supply if required. I have also ran with this an RO pipe.

I have hidden the pipe in the wall and it comes out behind the fish tank and this has a tap on it. The RO pipe is fed directly into the sump using a float valve to control it. This means that the plain RO water that I normally top up with to replace water that has condensated is now fed directly from the RO unit and the level of tank will remain constant.

I will mix salt in the water butt and when required I will drain from my already fitted drain valve which goes into the gutter drain pipe and then fill the tank with the water from the butt in the loft gravity fed.

I am investigating the water butt material to ensure that it will be ok for mixing salt water but if it is not then I will place a huge bag inside will then house the water.

Incase of any problems with the setup I have plumbed an overflow into the central heating overflow pipe using a tee piece which will prevent flooding the loft if the float valve fails.

The water butt information:-

210 llitre water butt

Sankey Standard Waterbutt 1200 210L

Capacity (Litres): 210

Brand: Sankey

Colour: Green

One Planet Home: Save Water

% of recycled content: 75

VOC level: Minimal

Warranty/guarantee: Guarantee

Warranty/guarantee details: Manufacturers 1 year guarantee

Manuf part no: 1200

Material: HDPE

Size : (H) 92cm x (W) 53cm x (L) 53cm

Category: Water Butts & Accessories

Category: Water Butts

Finish: Matt

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