Project Reef Tank

Bespoke Aquarium

Over the last 10 years or more I have been keeping fish varying from Breeding Discus to finally taking the plunge into a marine aquarium. My love for fish has grown over this time and marine fish seem to offer so much more to me than tropical. I have wanted many time to build a bespoke aquarium but have always ended up buying an off the shelf tank. The idea of a perfect bespoke aquarium is something that many of us hobbyists in the fish world dream about.

I have had over the years so many different fish tanks varying from Juwel Vison 260 to Juwel Rio 400 and Aquamedic Perc 120, to my current Trigon 350. I have always loved the Juwel Aquariums and found the build quality to be excellent.

My latest previous setup was the Trigon 350 converted to a full marine setup with full sump and T5 lighting with TMC Aquarays. I have used an overflow for the flow to sump and this has proved to be very good.

I have been a fan of trigger fish and wanted to keep triggers that were both friendly and interesting but also reef safe. I decided to purchase Blue Throat Triggers and love them.

Custom Build Aquarium

One magical day when I think the wife was not at all with it 😉 I decided to tell her I was going to do a complete custom build aquariumthat was going to be approx 7ft in length for the dinning room and she agreed. Given the green light I went ahead and started to look on the Internet at other custom build aquariums to get ideas.

The planning stages took much more time and effort than I could have ever imagined. But planning was so important.

My idea of building the perfect aquarium will mean I need to obtain information relating types of glass, filtration, lights, wood, flooring, material strengths and much more.

I want recreate a true reef look in my dinning room which is situated in the now open plan are of my house so it will be visible from my Living Room, Dinning Room and Conservatory. It will be positioned here away from any windows which will have the added benefit of not being in direct sunlight.

I have been very successful with my current marine aquarium and house some lovely fish that have grown from 1 inch to 4 to 6 inch fish and are getting to big for their current home. Hence I need to get a bigger home for them as I am attached to them.

My project diary continues as a blog.