T5 Aquablue Plus Powerchrome

Deltec have again been so clever with their T5 Aquablue Plus Powerchrome bulbs.

T5 Aquablue Plus Powerchrome

The D-D Aquablue Plus is specifically designed for reef aquariums mimicking sea water to a depth of one to twenty meters. It can be used for growing SPS corals up to 80cm in the aquarium.

D-D were the first on the market in the UK when we brought out our full range of lamps and tubes for planted, marine and reef aquariums around 2002. In 2005 we started supplying these tubes to Giesemann who now they use them in all of their fixtures and we have now joint branded them in the smart new packaging shown below.

The tubes can be combined with Aqua Flora tubes for freshwater, tropical fish and planted aquaria.

Luminous Flux:
  • 24W  -1250 lm
  • 39W – 2250 lm
  • 54W  -3200 lm
  • 80W  -4450 lm
Colour temperature :
  • 15.000K
Available from all good retail shops.

UK Recommended Price – 

  • 24 watt – £19.49
  • 39 watt – £ 20.49
  • 54 watt – £ 21.49
  • 80 watt – £24.99

For more information visit: http://www.theaquariumsolution.com/t5-aquablue-plus-powerchrome-bulbs

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