TMC Aquaray Multi Control Storm Function

Today I got the TMC Aquaray Multi Controller. I removed all those power supplies to replace them with 1 controlling unit. I think this is great and TMC have done this right.

The instructions are simple and the unit controls 2 circuits. You can individually control the 2 circuits timing, dimming, etc.

The next bit was the bit that got me. The storm function, for those of you that missed the bit on page 3 explaining that pressing the “-” in run mode will activate the storm feature, you will be will looking everywhere for this.

In the storm mode it ramps the lights down over 5 minutes and then starts a storm for 30 minutes.The storm is great. TMC have created the ultimate toy for men here! I love it. The wife was not so bothered and could not understand why I was so excited, but what does the wife know!…

The storm seems totally random and looks real, I am sure I heard thunder ;-)….

I have created a really dodgy video to show you, follow the link:-

TMC Multi Controller Storm

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