Tunze Magnet Holder 6080.50

I have the Tunze Wavebox and I am have just brought the extension wave box. The unit does not come with a Magnetic holder. These are the same for all Turbelle® pumps and Comline.  

Tunze Wavebox Extension

Tunze Wavebox Extension


TUNZE® Wavebox 6215 is a patented wave generator for aquariums from 200 to 1.500 litres (52 to 396 USgal.). A special Wavebox pump, which belongs to the family of the Turbelle® stream pumps, is used as an installed pump. The integrated magnet holder permits an uncomplicated attachment at every point of the aquarium with a glass thickness of 19 mm (.74 in.).  


Oscillating current with near-nature wave movement and circulation.  

De-sedimentation of the entire aquarium habitat.  

Wave generation at low power consumption, high efficiency and low motor heat.  

Safety extra-low voltage, blocking and run-dry protection.  

The magnetic holder simplifies mounting of components at any position on the aquarium pane; encapsulated construction; requires only seconds for attachment; two models for glass thickness of up to 12 mm (.47 in.) and up to 19 mm (.74 in.).  Up to a glass thickness of 12 mm (.47 in.).  

Tunze Wavebox Extension

In case of aquariums with volumes of over 1,500 litres (396 US gal.), a Wavebox Extension 6215.50 should be added to the existing Wavebox. The Wavebox extension contains the Wavebox 6215, however without Wavecontroller 6091. The combination of Wavebox and Wavebox Extension is suitable for aquariums up to about 3,000 litres (about 792 USgal.). Each additional extension (three maximum) increases the volume recommended by about 1,500 litres (about 396 USgal.). The Waveboxes can be placed beside each other or opposite each other, and a Wavebox Extension 6215.50 can be connected to Wavebox 6215 without any additional accessories. A Y adapter 7092.34 is required only for two or three Wavebox extensions.
The Wavebox extension is also suitable for operation with Multicontroller 7096. 

Tunze Magnet Holder 6080.50

Tunze Magnet Holder 6080.50


An important things to note, if you are using 2 Tunze Waveboxes and you want them together or aimed at each other you need to follow the instructions to tell the controller the setup you have.  

Tunze Wavebox TogetherTunze Wavebox Opposite Each Other  

Jumper – switch options of the display
Setting the functions:
The  mode  of  operation  can  be  set  in  the Wavecontroller 6091.
Disconnect the mains plug !
Remove the cover. Use a fat screw-driver to pull off the rotary knob „Pulse“, and unscrew the two screws on the rear side of the housing.
Set the jumper (red pin) on the PCB.
Warning ! Do not damage the LEDs and the cable.  

„Synchron“  (1)  (factory  setting)  =  the  two  outputs„ Master“  and  „Slave“  drive  two Waveboxes  at  the same  time,  which  means  that  two  Waveboxes or  more  are  located  next  to  each  other  in  the

„Inverse“ (2) = the two outputs „Master“ and „Slave“ drive two Waveboxes alternately, which means that two Waveboxes are  located  in opposite corners of
the aquarium.  

„Extern“ (3) = the Wavebox is operated with a fow kit and Multicontroller (low and high tide). The „Master“ cable  is  connected  to  the  driver  of  the Wavebox,
and  the  „Slave“  cable  is  connected  to  an  output of  the Multicontroller  (cf.  „Initial operation of  larger systems“).

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