UV Steriliser

I use the TMC Vecton UV Steriliser and I have never had a problem what so ever. Also I do not get white spot, etc since I have been using it.

TMC Vecton V2 UV Sterliser

 Vecton UV Steriliser by TMC

V2ecton UV Sterilisers are suitable for single livestock tanks and for other smaller applications including agriculture, horticulture and hydroponics.

Key Features

New design, manufactured from impact resistant, translucent polycarbonate.

Incorporates our unique LITE-SET lamp life timer technology – a tricolour neon lamp life indicator which alerts you to when the UV lamp needs to be changed.

Supplied complete with a LITE-SET torch to reset the lamp life indicator after changing the UV lamp.

Opposing inlet and outlet for easy installation and connection to the water supply.

Four stage hosetails for flexible hose from 1/2″ to 11/4″, held in place with screw on collars for easy removal when servicing and maintaining unit.

UV shield to prevent direct viewing of the UV lamp.

Compact, rigid pipe adaptors, for connection to 32mm, 40mm or 1″ rigid pipe, are available.

36 month guarantee.

What are the Benefits of a UV Steriliser?

Reduces bacteria and pathogen levels in the livestock tank.

Improves water quality for tank inhabitants.

Significantly reduces the risk of disease spreading in the livestock tank.

Aids the introduction of new fish into the tank.

Eliminates the risk of ‘toxic tank syndrome’ caused by bacterial or algal blooms.

Controls the level of yeast and moulds in the aquarium.

v2vecton 200 For aquariums up to approx 200 litres/50 UK gal/60 US gal
v2vecton 300 For aquariums up to approx 300 litres/65 UK gal/80 US gal
v2vecton 400 For aquariums up to approx 400 litres/90 UK gal/110 US gal
v2vecton 600 For aquariums up to approx 600 litres/130 UK gal/160 US gal

Taken from: http://www.tmc-ltd.co.uk/commercial/v2ecton-uv.asp

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