What is a Protein Skimmer?

the most simplest way of describing what a Protein Skimmer is by starting off by answering the question… Why do I need one?

The sea is vast in size bad our wonderful marine fish love nice clean water. The small volume of water in our marine aquariums compared to the sea means that the levels of protein build up to a level that the fish cannot survive and they will die so we need a method removing the protein mechanically.

So what is a protein skimmer? This is the equipment that has been designed to remove the protein from the marine aquarium.

In simple terms a skimmer works by introducing high levels of air bubbles through a body of water containing waste materials. The waste and proteins are attracted to the air water interface and flow upwards with the surface where they can be collected. The larger the volume of air and the smaller the bubbles then the more surface area that is available to attract the proteins and the more efficient the skimmer.

So with this in mind do not go and buy the smallest tiny cheap protein skimmer and think it will do the job OK. If you have a 300 litres aquarium buy a 600 litre minimum protein skimmer.


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