White Spot Removal

On saturday morning I woke to find that my tangs had got white spot 🙁 and I felt so angry. This is the dreaded problem for any salt water aquarium espcially if you have coral.

In the past I brought a spare tank and removed all my rock and then caught the fish and put them into the new tank and fixed 50% then moved them back 6 weeks later. This was years ago.

Well I decided my new plan of attack to remove white spot:-

  • Dont Mess! – Keep my hands out!
  • Feed every hour small amounts of food with Garlic sprinkled on.
  • Turn up my ozone unit to 25mg
  • Slow the flow down through my UV steriliser.
  • Lower the temperature to 24 degrees

It is now monday and they all look great. I do not know what it is that has made the difference but it has worked and I am so happy.

I will keep my hands out for a week or 2 as I have messed a lot, as you tend to do with a new tank.

White spot removal techique that worked for me might not work for you, but its worth a try.




The White Spot is now under control. I ended up using Octozin and after the course was completed I slightly over dosed the Ozone. And now all is ok.


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