Yellow Surgeonfish, Yellow Hawaiian Tang

Yellow Surgeonfish | Yellow Hawaiian Tang

Yellow Surgeonfish | Yellow Hawaiian Tang

Yellow Surgeonfish | Yellow Hawaiian Tang

Scientific Name: Zebrasoma flavescens (Bennett, 1828). 

Other Common Names: Yellow Surgeonfish, Yellow Hawaiian Tang

Distribution:  A species considered endemic to Hawaiian waters, its distribution extends from the Hawaiian area westward through the northern Marshall Islands to Wake, Marcus, Guam, and other Marianas Islands. 

Identification: Yellow oval shaped body with a nocturnal horizontal white stripe at the base of the tail. 

Maximum Size: To 7.5″ to 8″ in the wild (Captive average max size is 5″) 

Characteristics & Compatibility: 

These surgeon fish do very well in the home aquarium. There are mixed experiences with these fish as some tend get along well with other fishes in an aquarium, but it can be aggressive towards other Yellows and Surgeonfshes unless they are introduced into the marine aquarium at the same time and some people find they mix very well and do not fight with other Surgeonfshes. My theory is that the size of aquarium and type of aquarium interior layout is the detemining factor in these cases. If your aquarium size allows you to include several of these fish (I have 6), you will be entertained by their follow the leader patterns in and through live rock. 

Diet & Feeding: 

Yellow Surgeonfish are herbivores and will graze on alga and other plant life. It is best kept in an aquarium that has good algae growth, where in turn they earn their keep by helping to keep the algae growth cropped. Yellow Surgeonfish love Nori (dried or roasted seaweed) and other green vegetable matter and vitamin enriched flakes. My own experiences are that they will also nibble at dried shrimp and other meaty fares as well. 

Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallon. 

Reef Tank Suitable?: Yes.

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